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Castledawson 2010


'Castledawson - 2010' DVD runs for 15 minutes and is a selection of over 120 photographs taken by George McIntyre around Castledawson and the Moyola River, accompanied by the relaxing music of American composer and musician Jay Scott Berry.
Price;- 8 each + P&P (GBP / Stirling)
On the DVD;-

"Images of Castledawson"
A selection of photographs of Castledawson as it celebrates the 300th anniversary of its formation. Over 60 images taken around Castledawson, with a mix of local landmarks, old and new buildings and a few not so well known items.

"A stroll along the Moyola River"
A photograph stroll along a one mile stretch of the Moyola River as it flows past the village of Castledawson on its way to Lough Neagh. Starting at the old Railway Bridge (built 1856) this selection of over 60 photographs follows the river around the village, under Dawson’s Bridge,(built 1796) and past the old Suspension bridge (built 1846) to Moyola Park House (built 1786).

At the moment the DVD's are on sale in;-
  • The Inn, Main Street, Castledawson. 
  • Ditty’s Home Bakery, Main Street, Castledawson.
  • Post Office, Main Street, Castledawson.
  • Barbara McIntyre's Gallery, Church Street, Magherafelt. 
  • Tourist Information Office, the Bridewel, Magherafelt.
Unfortunately as yet I am not set up for on-line sales but I hope to get this organised shortly. At present I can only accept postal orders using UK cheques (GBP / Stirling) so if you would like a copy e-mail me at George.McIntyre@tesco.net

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