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Castledawson Celebrates 300 Years

Castledawson was founded in 1710 which means that this year it celebrated its 300th anniversary. To mark the occasion a couple of events are being planned, one of which is an exhibition of old photographs of the village.

The photographic exhibition was my idea so I now have the task of tacking down as many old photographs as I can, some of which will be mounted and framed for the exhibition.

The exhibition will be in two parts, the first is a selection of photographs of the village, as it was about 100 years ago which is now open. The second part will include photographs of events, people, etc over the past 100 + years.

So if anyone has old photographs that they think would fit the bill, and would like them to be considered for the exhibition, I would love to hear from you. I would particularly like old photographs of the village, buildings, photographs of events in Castledawson, such as the erection of the clock on the Presbyterian Church, Coronation and Wartime photographs, photographs of the railway, football team etc. In fact any event that took place in Castledawson.

If you have anything that you think would be of interest, please get in touch.



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