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Drumlamph Surnames

The following surnames have appeared in Drumlamph at some time during the past 200 years.

This research is still ongoing and details of other surnames will be added as and when the information becomes available.

If you are researching any of these surnames from this area, or know of any other families that have lived in the townland, please contact me as I may have some information that you may find helpful.
For an indication of when these names appeared in Drumlamph, see  A Brief History of the Townland

Of the following surnames, only five have remained in Drumlamph for the past 200 years, these are Bruce, Donnelly, Fullerton, McIntyre and Speer.

Drumlamph Surnames:-

Allen, Arrell, Ash, Ashfield.

Badger, Birt, Blair, Bowman, Boyd, Bradley, Brick, Brown, Browne, Bruce, Burris.

Cavin, Calderwood, Campbell, Cashelly, Cassidy, Chivers, Church-Mann, Collins, Convery, Costelloe, Craig, Cully.

Darby, Davidson, Davlin, Diamond, Dickey/Dickie, Dillion, Doherty, Donnelly, Duncan.

Elliot, Ewart.

Ferry, Frew, Fullerton, Fulton.

Gavin, Gilmor, Greaves.

Hagan, Haghy, Hamil, Hearty, Henderson, Henry, Hughes, Hunter.


Johnston, Johnstone, Jones.

Kane, Keenan, Kennedy, Kissock.

Lagan, Lambin, Lamond, Lamont, Lennox, Lindsay, Logan.

Mackle, Maguire, Mallon, Mann, Marshall, MaWhinney, Mayberry, McAleese, McAuley, McCahill, McCahy, McCawley, McClevee, McCloy, McCurry, McCluskey, McClutchey, McCombe, McCombs, McElvee, McErlane, McFadden, McFalone, McGitting, McGlaghlin, McGloughin, McGouggan, McGragh, McGrath, McGuiggan, McIntyre, McKee, McKendry, McLean, McMullan, McNeill, McNicholl, McQuillan, Mellon, Millar, Miller, Milliken, Moore, Morton, Morewood, Mulholland, Mullins.

Neill, Nicholl.

O'Neill, Orr.

Patterson, Paul, Pedlow, Pimley, Porter.



Scholes, Scullion, Simpson, Speer, Spier, Stuart.

Taylor, Thompson.


Walsh, White, Woodside.



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