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If  you are looking for, or wish to cantact a Church of Ireland Church anywhere in Ireland, this site lists them all by Diocese.

Within each Diocese page under 'Parishes and Clergy' you will find a list of Parishes and Churches, and the name and contact details the Minister of each Church.


St Tidas Parish Church, Church Lane, Bellaghy.

  • 1622 - present

St Tidas Website

Built in 1622, the present St Tidas Parish Church replaced the original Church  on Church Island in Lough Beg, on the River Bann.(See St.Taide Parish Church)

St Tidas Church is thought to have been burnt down in 1641

The Church was rebuilt by the Earl Bishop of Bristol in 1794 when the Spire was added.


(Above)   St Tidas Parish Church, Bellaghy.
(Below)    Since the Church was built, the Graveyard  has provided the burial grounds for Protestants of all denominations, and in the early days, those of a few Roman Catholic families as well.




Christ Church - Church of Ireland      Bridge Street, Castledawson.

  • 1694 - present

Built in the pre-parish days, the church was originally a private Chapel for the Dawson family.

Built in 1694, it only became known as Christ Church until almost 200 years later. In 1829 the church was extensively repaired and a stained glass window was added in 1851..

In the 1870s the growing community of Castledawson necessitated a Parish Church, so in 1875, the Dawson family handed it over its own private Church to the new parish.


(Above)   Christ Church, Castledawson.
(Below)   Christ Church graveyard and Church. For almost 200 years this was the private graveyard for the Dawson family.



St Conlies Church of Ireland,  Hillhead Road, Knockloughrim.

(Details to follow)




St Taide Parish Church, Bellaghy (Church Island)

  • 1112 - 1622

Church Island has been the focal point for worship of for various religions down through the centuries. This was a monastic settlement as far back as 1112.

At the time of the Reformation the island and Church passed into the hands of the Established Church, but the Catholic people have always regarded Church Island as the burial place of their forefathers.

By 1622, St.Taide Church on the Island was in perilous state, so it was replaced by St Tidas Parish Church, a new Church of Ireland Church which was built in Bellaghy. (See St Tidas Parish Church)

The tower and Spire were not built until 166 years later, when in 1788 they were added by the Earl Bishop of Bristol, to improve the view from his mansion at Ballyscullion.

In 1814 St Mary's Roman Catholic Church was built on the Portglenone Road Bellaghy (See St Mary's Roman Catholic Church)

The property is currently maintained as an ancient monument by the Dept. of the Environment. They have recently rebuilt the top of the spire which had been crooked since being struck by an American war-plane out of Toome aerodrome during World War II.

(Above) Church Island as viewed from the Ballydermot Road, near Bellaghy.

(Below) The Church on Church Island




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