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Castledawson War Memorial

Castledawson War Memorial


(Above) The War Memorial which is situated at Station Road, Castledawson.
(Below) Details of the inscriptions on each of the four sides of the Memorial.  See see below for a list of the names.



Below is a list of the names that appear on the War Memorial. These were members of families from around the Castledawson / Bellaghy area, who served in the Forces and were killed during World Wars I & II. Also included are members of the Security Forces who were killed during what was known as The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

To date I have identified over half of these people, so if there is anyone here that you think might be a member of your family, please get in touch.

Information about any of these people it would be appreciated.




  • J. Anderson
  • W. Anderson
  • G.R. Bell
  • S Campbell
  • T. Connery
  • S. Dawson
  • S.J. Dawson
  • S. Ellis
  • W. Ellis
  • J. Fulton
  • G. Gallagher
  • S. Garvin
  • J. Hammond
  • W.J. Hammond
  • J. Harte
  • F. Houston
  • W. Hudson
  • F. Hudson
  • J. Hunter
  • R. Irwin
  • J. Johnston
  • F. J. Lennox
  • R. J. Leslie
  • T. Leslie
  • W. Leslie
  • L. Mann
  • J. Martin
  • M. McAnary
  • R. McClelland
  • G. McCracken
  • W. McCool
  • W. McIlroy
  • R. McIntyre
  • T. McKee
  • A. McKelvey
  • J. McKendry
  • T. McKnight
  • T. McQuillan
  • H. Moore
  • R. Park
  • W. J. Park
  • A. Patterson
  • A. Russell
  • W. Shanks
  • J. H. Thompson
  • G. Watterson
  • M. Watterson
  • R. Wilson
  • R. H. Wilson
  • T. Woodend
  • H. Ewart



  • A. D. Bradley G.J.P.PIJL (R.D.N.)
  • T. G. Lennox
  • W. C. Mann
  • S. Martin
  • W. McGall
  • N. L. Reid
  • R. Trainor
  • G. F. Weir

The 'Troubles'


  • J. Arrell 1976
  • R. Lennox 1976
  • D. McQuillan 1977


  • C. Evans 1976



Others who died during WWI & WWII  but whose names are not on the Memorial

  • F.L. McLernon



This document maintained by George McIntyre.
Material Copyright 2001 George McIntyre, Northern Ireland.