Bellaghy Historical Society


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The Bellaghy Historical Society was started in February 2000, when a meeting was called by Patricia Lowry, with the help of the resident Tour Guide at Bellaghy Bawn, Ms. Deborah Logan.

Mrs Lowrys interest in the local history of this plantation village, and the more ancient history of Church Island, had encouraged her to see what enthusiasm existed in the district for an Historical Society.

The aim was to redraw as far as possible, a picture of the village itself, with the occupations of the inhabitants and the methods they used for all the tasks which are now performed by machinery. Life as it used to be, in fact!.

In April 2002 Bellaghy Historical Society member Matt Bruce published a book entitled "Eighty Years Young" which is packed with snippets of information about life in and around the Bellaghy area over the past 80 or so years..
In December 2002  Bellaghy Historical Society's first publication was released. Titled "Life in the Past - recollections of Bellaghy as it used to be." this book which a picture of Bellaghy village as it was in the last century.